at Beczak Environmental Education Center, on the Hudson in Yonkers, NY

Hudson River Dredging Update on April 14

Look local this Earth Month – get on update on GE’s PCB Dredging as well as other Hudson River issues, threats and opportunities

RiverTalks presents “Hudson River Dredging Update” with Clearwater’s Environmental Action Director, Manna Jo Greene, on Saturday, April 14, 7:00 PM. 

We’re in the second year of Phrase 2 of General Electric's PCB remedial dredging upriver. Learn the EPA’s findings as well as the effects of last year’s flooding on the Hudson River Superfund site with Manna Jo Greene, Clearwater’s Director of Environmental Action.

Clearwater, an environmental education organization started by Pete and Toshi Seeger, gained national recognition for its activism starting in the 1970s to force a cleanup of PCB contamination of the Hudson caused by GE and other companies. They continue to be actively involved in the PCB clean up.

Manna Jo Greene says, “This presentation at Beczak Environmental Education Center is very timely because there are still 136 acres of PCB surface contaminated sediment outside the area delineated for dredging that need to be addressed.”

“Although we have made a lot of progress including the PCB remediation in the upper Hudson, the River is still in danger from Indian Point leaks, the proposed Rockland desalination plant and other threats. Despite our best efforts, Hudson River fish are still in decline, so there is still much to do,” says Greene.

More information about General Electric's PCB remedial dredging in the Hudson River

Manna Jo Greene, Clearwater's Environmental Action Director since 2000, was formerly the Recycling Coordinator/Educator for the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency for more than 10 years and a registered Critical Care Nurse since 1976. She holds an AAS in Nursing, a BA in biology (pre-med) from SUNY/New Paltz, and completed course work toward a Masters in Environmental Sciences at Bard College. A lifelong environmental professional and community activist, Manna avidly supports collaborative land use planning and problem solving. Working to promote sustainable agriculture and green building and landscaping practices, she teaches communities how to integrate environmental preservation, economic prosperity (based on quality of life indicators), and social equity using effective communication. Manna also serves as Councilwoman on the Rosendale Town Board. 


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